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The “American Thunder

Mini-Pro Funny Carâ„¢”…

…includes a fully tig welded C/M chassis – certified by NHRA and IHRA. Powered by a self starting V-Twin engine.

The “American Thunder Mini-Pro Funny Car” has a custom made exhaust system, and a GBC autoshift belt drive type transmission, which is similar to a fuel car for the simple fact that it is already set up in high gear. With the variable belt drive, all you have to do is stage the car, hold the hand brake, and stay 1000 rpm from where you know the clutches are going to engage, then slam, and go!

This special package also includes Weld rear wheels ~

24.5″ x 8″ Mickey Thompson drag slicks ~ a complete Wilwood hand brake system ~ rack-n-pinion steering with a disconnect polished butterfly steering wheel ~ all alum. interior ~

2 pc. alum. dash with gauges ~ seat belts and seat pad ~

front line lock ~ electric reverse ~ dry cell type battery ~ single wheel tri-pod wheelie bar ~ polished aluminum fuel and oil tank ~ stainless steel braided oil lines ~ all alum. belt and chain guards (polished) ~ parachute ~ white gelcoat body (with escape hatch) mounted with all underneath chromoly body supports painted black, body prop ~ wings ~

3 pc. lexan window kit. Basically all you’ll have to do is hook up the throttle cable, bleed the brakes, and go right straight to the track.

Remember, with the ever rising price of fuel, the cost of racing, just even the cost-of-living, the market place for the Mini-Pro Funny Car concept is growing stronger by the day. Keep in mind the consistency, low maintenance, and the low operating cost of our product, verses V-8 or similar power plants.

Just imagine pulling into the water box and grabbing the front line lock, stab the throttle, blow off the tires, roll on out and stop. Throw up the escape hatch to let the smoke out, hit the electric reverse to back up to the starting line, have the crew lift the front of the body up to make it look like you are making a fuel injector adjustment, then put the body back down, pull up and stage. When the tree lights go down all you have to do is slam the throttle, let go of the hand brake, rip it all the way down the track, and then throw the parachute at the other end, without even having to shift once. You have no timers or air bottles to mess with.

Lets get back to the grass roots of drag racing and have fun again…

GB’s Moto – Keep your foot to the floor, stay in your lane, and I’ll see you safely at the other end.

All Products May Be Substituted Without Notice or Discontinued

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